Friday Reading List

Marketing Director Andrea Velazquez’s Friday Reading List is composed by several articles that discuss the various social and political effects the COVID-19 pandemic has produced around the world.

COVID-19 in The Philippines: The Case Against A Dangerously Inadequate Response: Contributing  writer Lauryn Lin writes about the “highly militarized response” of the Philippines to coronavirus restrictions; and how the circumstances of COVID-19 are giving president Duterte room to broaden his regime of cruelty.


Op Ed: How will COVID-19 Worsen the Ailing US -China Relationship?: Our Editor in Chief Tenzin Chompel writes about his concerns about the eagerness between the two nations to jump to an offensive position against one another, and the subsequent global ramifications it will produce. 

COVID-19 and the Deepening of Federalism in India: Graduate fellow editor Siddharth discusses how the COVID-19 pandemic has stimulated the ongoing unnoticed phenomenon of the deepening of Federalism in India. Recently, the COVID-19 pandemic saw the response of various states—the severity of lockdown, combating the healthcare crisis, managing public order—diverging from the directives provided by the central government.

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