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Staff Writers are expected to participate in the peer review process and required to write at least one article (500-1000 words) for the journal per quarter as well as an on-campus event coverage and/or written or video interview. The latter requirement is a piece on a contemporary event or coverage of a UCSD organization with some international relevance.

If interested, please fill out an application for Staff Writers found below. Please attach a writing sample of a previous work to the application where marked. A resume is not required.


Editors are expected to work with a group of 3 to 5 staff writers to publish weekly, and are expected to guide their writers through all stages of peer review and publication process. They also review contributing writer pieces as well as staff writer applications as assigned by the Editor in Chief.

If interested, please fill out the staff writer application below (note to mark *editor for the question on interested positions). Then send an email with a resume, 1-2 writing samples, and “Editor” as the subject.


Marketing Team Members are expected to participate in the design and marketing of Prospect events, branding and public awareness of PROSPECT’s presence both online and at UCSD. While marketing members can choose to join a division (Video-Production, Editorial/Graphics, PR/Social Media, or Website Development), all marketing members may be required to help out across marketing divisions.

The Marketing Team will report directly to the Director of Marketing. As a team member, your time commitment can vary based on your own schedule and passion for promoting Prospect’s mission, but a once weekly hour-long meeting is required.

VIDEO-PRODUCTION TEAM Members are responsible for PROSPECT’s YouTube channel, including but not limited to: brain-storming video topics, editing videos as needed, managing brand identity, and sharing videos on other social media.

Experience using a DSLR camera, video camera, and video-editing software preferred.
EDITORIAL/GRAPHICS TEAM Members are expected to produce graphics for marketing purposes, such as: FaceBook banners, flyers, posters, and website media.

Other responsibilities may include: developing the new editorial issue’s concept, producing necessary material, and working on the quarterly editorial as needed.

Experience in Adobe PhotoShop, Illustrator, and InDesign preferable but not required.
PUBLIC RELATIONS & SOCIAL MEDIA Members are expected to have well-developed communication skills to engage with a wide variety of audiences for various reasons: member recruitment, maintaining brand image, promoting PROSPECT on-campus and on its social media, speaking at events when necessary, and etc. Additionally, members must be able to see PROSPECT from the public eye and gather insight for marketing strategies.

Experience with a wide variety of current social media preferred; knowledge of basic analytics desirable.
WEBSITE-DEVELOPMENT TEAMMembers will be responsible for regularly updating the website when new articles are published. Occasional maintenance may be required as PROSPECT grows and progresses as an organization.

Experience with WordPress preferable, but not required. Knowledge of coding desirable.

No resume is required to be a marketing member, but the Director of Marketing may inquire about previous marketing experience to gauge distribution of responsibilities.

Manual Applications (only fill out if google form does not work):