PROSPECT is a unique student organization that creates, writes and develops an international affairs journal at the University of California, San Diego.
Our goal is to share works that inspire critical thought and action.

We started in 2009, and we have not stopped working and improving since then.
Our online journal serves as a forum for intelligent discourse by showcasing works created by students who wish to broaden their understanding of issues with contemporary and global relevance. By publishing online, we maintain our eco-friendly mission and provide a wider readership for our writers. With the exception of our advisor, our journal is entirely student-run: we provide the brainpower, writing, and marketing. By placing ourselves at the intersection of policy and the arts, we believe that we can better understand current affairs from a variety of vantage points. Want to add something to our narrative? Let us know.

 Do we have your attention?
Find out more here.

Learn more about how you can submit your work to Prospect and join our team.
We accept individuals with a variety of skills, but each of our members is passionate about what they do and how their skills can help our journal grow. Thank you for visiting our unique project, and we hope to work with you soon.


Our Partners

UCSD International House

Prospect Journal operates under I-House at UCSD. We thank the I-House Director and the I-House Student Organization Advisor for their guidance and assistance in achieving the goals of Prospect Journal at UCSD and across the globe.


The Prospect Fund

“The Prospect Fund strives to maximize returns in the stock market by investing in sustainable growth companies which make a positive difference in society, while avoiding businesses with an overall negative impact. We then apply profits toward solving particular problems in the world by supporting organizations and individuals that are best positioned to address these problems.”

The Prospect Fund was established over 20 years ago by Andy Nahas after he won the USA Today/CNBC National Investment Challenge.

Nahas’ philosophy was deeply influenced by his college years at the UC San Diego, where he developed strong interest in addressing some of the world’s most pressing issues such as poverty and hunger, injustice, and bad corporate behavior. We thank Mr. Nahas and the Prospect fund for their important contributions in support of the work that Prospect Journal does.

This publication may have been funded in part or in whole by funds allocated by the ASUCSD. However, the views expressed in PROSPECT are solely those of the authors of the content of this publication. While the publisher of this publication is a registered student organization at UC San Diego, the content, opinions, statements and views expressed in this or any other publication published and/or distributed by PROSPECT are not endorsed by and do not represent the views, opinions, policies, or positions of the ASUCSD, GSAUCSD, UC San Diego, the University of California and the Regents or their officers, employees, or agents. The publisher of this publication bears and assumes the full responsibility and liability for the content of this publication.

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