Russian Navy Whales: Marine Mammal Service In The World’s Navies

Photo by Bernard Spragg

By Cade Keating-Hudson
Staff Writer

A beluga whale suspected of spying for the Russian Navy has made headlines around the world. The whale appeared in Norwegian national waters and approached a fishing vessel where the sailors discovered a camera which later appeared to be Russian Navy espionage equipment. This purported criminal activity serves as a reminder that many marine mammals are enlisted in militaries worldwide to serve in a variety of roles. 

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by Jose Ovalle
Staff Writer

In my last article, I wrote about how the current administration’s’ abdication of leadership internationally has given rivals like China space to move in on former American strongholds. However, Donald Trump’s America First doctrine is not strictly isolationism, nor is it unilateralism. This makes things more complicated, and in an increasingly multipolar era, more dangerous. 


The Uighurs: Who They Are and Their Story

by: Ariana Roshanzaer
Contributing Writer

It’s no secret that unlike its economy, China has a less than lackluster record when it comes to human rights. As of late, reports about Chinese aggression against Uighurs (pronounced we-gurs) have been rapidly sprouting up. To give a background, the Chinese region of Xinjiang (pronounced shin ji-aang) is home to around 10 million Uighurs, who are a Muslim ethnic minority concentrated in the northwestern region of Xinjiang—the autonomous region bordering Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Mongolia. Xinjiang has been under the control of China since 1949. Uighurs have their own language, described as an Asian Turkic language that is similar to Uzbek, and most of them are followers of a moderate Sunni sect of Islam. The region is rich in oil and resources, and was once along the Silk Road. This is important to note, as this is part of the reason China keeps a tight grip on the territory.

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