The COVID-19 pandemic has stopped the flow of the global order in its tracks. Schools closed, airports shut down, and people of all professions forced to remain indoors. The international status quo has been forced to adjust itself and no conclusive timelines can be made for when a return to normalcy will happen, or if it will.

With the highly unpredictable path this pandemic will take, and the still unclear properties of the virus, informative and well researched journalism is as critical as it has ever been.

PROSPECT Hot Topic: The Global Impact of COVID-19, hopes to provide a multi-faceted look at the novel Coronavirus, where its going, and who is being affected, from global political and economic transactions, to our own San Diego campus.

How COVID-19 is Affecting the Sex Work Industry

Sex work provides income for over 42 million people worldwide. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this “close-contact” profession is now banned, rendering many distraught, unemployed, and at high risk of contraction of the virus.

COVID-19 and the Deepening of Federalism in India

The COVID-19 pandemic is stimulating the strengthening of Federalism in India. The response to the pandemic in different states contains a larger theme of autonomy from the center.

Amidst a Global Health Crisis: COVID-19 & The Advent of The Psychedelic Movement

As we greet the new decade with the greatest international health crisis in modern history, society is braced with the shift into an era of social isolation and greater need for psychiatric treatments. Meanwhile, vanguard movements towards alternative medicines and psychedelic therapy have already started gaining momentum in the healthcare industry and scientific community.

The Economic Disaster Wrought by COVID-19

The globalized, industrialized, and incessantly-driven economic world that we live in is similar to an amateur riding a bicycle. The moment he bears a shock, there is a genuine fear of halting down and falling off the ridge. The COVID-19 Pandemic is fast-emerging as the greatest shock of our times to the world economy.

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