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Our journal analyzes issues and prescribes solutions to problems around the world in a thought provoking manner. Visually-arresting art pieces convey a multitude of perspectives by representing themes that make policies memorable. Travelogues and photo essays allow first-hand exposure to locales that may seem distant, but have a lasting influence on domestic policies. By working with organizations such as The Institute for International, Comparative, and Area Studies (IICAS), UC San Diego’s International Center and Programs Abroad Office, and coordinating with programs such as the Helen Edison Lecture Series or the Center for Global Justice, we have been able to interview scholars who offer insight and context for international issues.

This is our team. Follow our stories by viewing our journal, adding your comments, and contacting us to add your narrative to our work.


Tenzin Chomphel, Editor in Chief

Tenzin is a fourth year in ERC college, and a 1st year BA/MIA at the School of Global Policy & Strategy. He is majoring in International Studies-Political Science, with a focus on China-Pacific. He has studied abroad in India, held numerous on-campus positions, and most recently interned for the Department of State. Tenzin enjoys exploring the intersection of government and technology, and does not enjoy compostable straws.

Rebeca Camacho, Managing Editor

Rebeca is a senior at Warren college majoring in International Studies: Economics, and minoring in Business Administration. She is back this quarter from her semester abroad, where she studied in Switzerland and interned for the United Nations. She was first introduced to PROSPECT through her experience as an investigative journalist while working for other news publications. Writing about the issues that compose the social fabric of the world— in a fresh, sharp analysis of global affairs— she sees as paramount to the journal’s mission to serve as a platform for fostering intellectual discussion.

Kahlil Ram, Finance Chair

Kahlil is the Finance Officer for Prospect. He is majoring in International Studies – Political Science with a regional focus on the Middle East and Arabic language study. He is mostly interested in military/national security affairs and American foreign policy, although he is also very interested in developmental economics and environmental sustainability. 

Jasmine Moheb, Director of Operations

Jasmine is a second year ERC student majoring in Political Science – International Relations and minoring in Psychology. She joined PROSPECT as a freshman where she fell in love with the creative freedom involved in the writing process, especially given the wide range of topics that can be explored in international affairs. Jasmine’s future plans include pursuing a career in global security studies and academia with dreams of one day being a Professor.


Siddharth Siddharth, Graduate Fellow Editor

Siddharth is a Ph.D. student majoring in Intelligent Systems, Robotics, and Control at the University of California San Diego. His research interests lie at the intersection of electrical engineering and computational neuroscience with applications in affective computing. He also actively writes about history, economics, and the democratic traditions of India and the United States of America. His professional experience includes undertaking research internships in Facebook Reality Labs, Samsung Research America, French National Center for Scientific Research, and National University of Singapore.


Priyanka Jhalani
Pankhuri Prasad


Raafiya Ali Khan
Emely Baisa
Tanvi Bajaj
Olivia Bryan
Marc Camanag
Will Colin-Diamond
Ekam Gondara
Cade Keating-Hudson
Nicholas Kishaba
Max Lyster
Sebastian Preisig
David Ramirez
Madi Ro
Ariana Roshanzaer
Sofia Meador Sauto
Troy Tuquero


Helen Thio
Phu Dieu
Andrea Velázquez
Katie Mundy
Vivian Lee
Ethan Olson

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