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Our journal analyzes issues and prescribes solutions to problems around the world in a thought provoking manner. Visually-arresting art pieces convey a multitude of perspectives by representing themes that make policies memorable. Travelogues and photo essays allow first-hand exposure to locales that may seem distant, but have a lasting influence on domestic policies. By working with organizations such as The Institute for International, Comparative, and Area Studies (IICAS), UC San Diego’s International Center and Programs Abroad Office,  and coordinating with programs such as the Helen Edison Lecture Series or the Center for Global Justice, we have been able to interview scholars who offer insight and context for international issues.

This is our team. Follow our stories by viewing our journal, adding your comments, and contacting us to add your narrative to our work.


Omkar Mahajan, Editor in Chief
Omkar is a fourth year pursuing degrees in International Studies-Political Science and Economics. With interests in Buddhism, Middle Eastern and South Asian politics, and human rights affairs, he joined Prospect in 2014 as a staff writer to further his interests about the changing world and to be surrounded by like-minded people. He has aspirations to someday attend law school and later work in either academia or international affairs. In his spare time, he enjoys playing basketball, going to the gym, eating different cuisines, and traveling.

Andrew Muse-Fisher, Chief of Staff
Andrew is a Political Science: International Relations and Japanese Studies major with a minor in Economics. He joined Prospect in 2013 because he believes that the ability to write is a necessary tool for success in any field. He has covered a wide range of topics including LGBT rights, sports politics, and women’s rights in the workplace. Once he graduates, Andrew hopes to teach English in Japan and in sub-saharan Africa before applying to a master’s program in public policy or global development.

Zaid Mansuri, Finance Chair
Zaid is a second year Mathematics-Economics major with a Philosophy Minor. Interested in a range of topics from demographics, international trade, to human development, Zaid joined Prospect Journal in 2016 with a passion for journalism and international affairs. Zaid wishes to learn more about making positive and effective change worldwide through a strong global perspective and international understanding.

Max Topolsky, VP of Marketing
Max is a fourth year International Studies-Business Major with a minor in Sociology. He joined Prospect in 2016 after discovering just how big the world is from spending time abroad. His interests include learning about differences in cultural norms and the various forms of bread & circuses (sports/entertainment). Upon graduating he hopes to work abroad before potentially pursuing more schooling.

Nick Vacchio, Managing Editor
Nick is a fourth year Communication major with a minor in Business. He joined Prospect in 2015 as a staff writer in order to strengthen his writing abilities while enhancing his overall knowledge of the world. His articles have ranged from such conventional subjects as climate change and international agreements to more obscure topics that discuss unexpected cultural practices across the globe. Upon graduation, Nick aspires for a career in alternative news media production or to work for a nonprofit organization. His hobbies include playing ultimate frisbee for the school’s club team, writing posts on his music blog, taking road trips when his schedule permits, and selling guacamole at the local farmers market.

Kaushik Iyer, Senior Editor
Kaushik is a fourth year Bioengineering major. He joined Prospect Journal in 2016 as a senior editor, focusing most of his efforts on both science issues internationally as well as domestic scientific issues in the United States. He is extremely passionate about sports and likes robots and the movie 2012. In his spare time, he loves hanging out with friends and eating out at different restaurants and trying new foods. In fact, he loves eating pineapple on pizza. He aspires to become a Bioengineer with specialties and knowledge in many diverse engineering fields.

Kristopher Klein, Senior Editor
Kris is a Mathematics-Economics major with a minor in Political Science. He studied abroad at Tsinghua University and is proficient in Mandarin Chinese; which seems fitting for a writer who focused on East Asian affairs now that we think about it. Kris seeks to work in the finance industry after completing his bachelor’s degree. Law school has always been a goal of his, but we’ll just have to wait and see how that turns out. In the meantime, you can probably find Kris out diving or in a kayak somewhere in La Jolla cove.

Maria Sebas, Senior Editor
Maria Sebas is a fourth year double major in History and Political Science with a minor in Middle Eastern Studies. She studied Arabic in Palestine and completed an internship as a research assistant at Lebanon Support, a Lebanese NGO based in Beirut. She intends to pursue a PhD in History following graduation. Maria enjoys traveling, running and spending time with her cat.

Liliana Torpey, Senior Editor
Liliana Torpey is a second year majoring in International Studies: Literature. A lover of literature and a proud poet, Liliana joined Prospect in order to broaden her writing skills and participate in a global dialogue through journalism. In her writing, studies and travel, she tends to focus on Latin American culture and politics, and by doing so she hopes to help bridge a gap of understanding between the U.S. and our neighbors to the south. Liliana enjoys exploring various creatives mediums and hopes one day to publish a book.

Marvin Andrade, Senior Editor
Marvin Andrade is a double major in International Relations and International Business. He has focused on Middle Eastern conflict, the European Migration Crisis, and the changing nature of US globalism. Marvin has a penchant for political debate and participated in over a dozen conferences while President of Model UN. Marvin one day hopes to go to graduate school and work for the US State Department.


Meredith Anderson
Summer Bales
Henry Cauffman
Rebecca Chong
Jordan Coursey
Mitchell Flagg
Rohan Garg
Jennifer Grundman
Tessa Houwing
Yasmine Hung
Priya Jupudi
Navin Kripalani
Nishad Maggirwar
Bailey Marsheck
Veronika Michels
Kenneth Miller
Sabira Parajuli
Prarthana Prakash
Jennifer Ryder

Steven Florindo
Kekai Liu
Alexis Soto
Travis Welburn

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