Alumni and Former Members


Ran Jiao
Ran believes that one of the most effective ways to affect change is to connect people with common goals. Bringing together peers of diverse backgrounds and experiences, Ran hopes to expand his own knowledge while helping others learn from each other. From trekking through Tibet to running with the bulls in Pamplona, Ran travels extensively during his time off to see corners of the world he has only known in books. He also had the great honor of carrying the Olympic torch through his hometown KunMing, China for the 2008 Summer Olympics.


Dipan Patel
Dipan believes that sharing perspectives allows for the refinement of our beliefs about the world and enjoys actively engaging peers from different disciplines to discuss issues related to international affairs. Passionate about law, social entrepreneurship, and international development, he wants to expand the agency of those individuals marginalized by legal frameworks. He admires the work of Amartya Sen and spends his leisure time immersed in world literature and film. From Prospect, Dipan has learned that anything is possible with a passionate team, a pen, and enough napkins upon which ideas can be  scribbled.
You can follow Dipan on Twitter.



Yelena Akopian
Yelena Akopian graduated from the University of California, San Diego in 2011 with a degree in International Studies and emphases in political science and Russian literature. A McNair scholar and a journalist, Yelena is interested in the many ways in which media, politics, academia and culture interact and converge across societies. Her hobbies include travel, writing and world cuisine.


Sarah Alaoui
Sarah Alaoui joined Prospect to engage in discussions and share ideas with like-minded people who are passionate about politics and international affairs. She graduated from UC San Diego with a B.A. in political science and is currently pursuing an M.A. in Public Affairs/Action at Sciences Po Lille in France. Her interests lie in, but are not limited to: the integration and civic participation of the Moroccan diaspora in France, the status of women in Arab countries, and U.S. foreign policy in the Arab world.
You can follow Sarah on her website and on Twitter.


Kimberly Ang
Kimberly is passionate about Prospect as a forum for thoughtful exchange on all things international. She found PROSPECT as a third year when she returned from her study abroad in Turkey. Kimberly was looking for a community of people interested in foreign policy issues and engagement in the global community. In her tenure as president, Kimberly was focused on internal development, the expansion of readership, and topical diversity at the journal. Her own research interests are Turkish-American relations and international education policy. After leaving UCSD Kimberly founded, a site dedicated to encouraging young people to work at nonprofits and social businesses during their “gap years,” and beyond. You can follow Kimberly on her Twitter account or blog.


joeJoe Armenta
Joe Armenta joined Prospect in 2012 to apply his journalistic abilities to an international setting. Currently, he is pursuing degrees in History and International Studies. Having spent time in Peru, Nicaragua, Zambia, and Mexico, his interests lie in issues surrounding poverty and government institutions. Outside of work, Joe enjoys to volunteer with various non-profit organizations.


adhamAdham Bishr
Adham majored in international studies with a primary interest in political science. He is originally from the Bay and has been exposed to many different viewpoints concerning the world. To explore and write about international issues,  Adham joined PROSPECT his freshman year and has continued working in the journal ever since.


Samantha Booras
Samantha is a fourth year from south Orange County, double majoring in Economics and Political Science. With a Japanese and Greek heritage, she grew up with two vastly different perspectives on the world, and as such has always had an interest in other cultures. She joined PROSPECT to be surrounded by others with a similar interest in international affairs and to share her point of view. Samantha is particularly interested in Western Europe, the European Union, and immigration policies.


sebastianSebastian Brady
Sebastian joined PROSPECT to combine his love of writing with his desire to better understand the world around him. Born to a Southern redneck and a Swedish immigrant who both love traveling, he grew up immersed in the interactions between cultures that help shape global affairs. He is especially interested in European and Latin American politics, as well as global political institutions.


Screen Shot 2017-02-06 at 8.23.27 PM.pngMichelle Bulterys
Michelle Bulterys was Editor-in-Chief and President of PROSPECT during the 2015-2016 school year. She was a Senior Editor since 2013 and a Staff Writer since 2012. Michelle graduated from UCSD in June 2016, where she majored in Sociocultural Anthropology and minored in Global Health. Michelle grew up in Sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia until she graduated high school, and during her time at UCSD studied abroad twice; in South Africa and Italy. She is now a research assistant at Stanford Cancer Institute, at Stanford University’s School of Medicine, and aspires to be an epidemiologist.


Rebecca Chien
Rebecca is a communications major and business minor with hopes of a future in marketing. She loves travelling and is fascinated by world cultures and the dynamics of geopolitics. Outside of international relations, Rebecca is also passionate about fashion and sustainable living, and in her free time loves to drink tea, read good books, sew, and discover new music.


David Dannecker
David Dannecker served as a staff writer and a senior editor from 2011-2015. He completed his B.S. in Ecology in 2014, and his M.S. in Biology in 2016, both at UCSD. He is currently working as a consultant for a research team studying non-linear modeling of ecosystem structures at Scripps Institute of Oceanography, with multiple papers in various stages of preparation for publication. David also works at the LEGO Store at UTC.


James Evans
James is a fourth year urban studies and planning student at UCSD. With his wide set of business experiences, James joined the executive team as CEO to held develop and expand Prospect. Before beginning his studies at UCSD, James spent a year traveling and volunteering throughout Brazil, Kenya, and China. His interests include photography, recording engineering and traveling.


16709256_712139315610004_713887988_oElsa Felgar
Elsa joined Prospect as a Staff Writer in 2014 and became a Senior Editor in 2015. In 2016 she received her B.A. in International Studies-Political Science and minored in Economics and Law and Society. She is originally from France, and decided to study law and economics in Europe her senior year. She is currently working as a research intern in the Department of Family Medicine and Preventive Health at UCSD, and as an intern at a legal clinic. She hopes to pursue a JD/MPH and continue working in research.


Chris Higa
Chris Higa is a second year transfer student majoring in Visual Arts Digital Media with an emphasis in Computer and Photographic Arts. He came into Prospect as a photographer last year and assumed the position of the Visual Arts Editor this year. Being a multi-racial mix of Japanese, Filipino, Italian, Spaniard and Chinese, he strives to learn about other cultures both socially and politically.


Susie Kim 
Susie joined Prospect upon her return from studying abroad in Ghana, where she pursued an independent research project on the feminization of poverty in poor urban areas. Her personal research interests include neoliberalism, imperialism, and human rights discourse.


loganLogan Ma
Logan joined PROSPECT in the winter of 2012. A childhood spent living in China and perusing National Geographic magazines gave him a lasting appreciation for international affairs. While pursuing a degree in international studies, he has developed interests security studies and East Asian political institutions. Upon graduating, he hopes to acquire a graduate degree in international relations before joining the foreign service.


Megan Magee
Megan Magee is International Studies major, with emphases in Political Science and Economics and minors in History and Global Health. Megan has studied abroad twice, in both Madrid and Berlin, prompting her decision to get involved with Prospect. She is especially interested in Latin America, public health, travel narratives, and global languages.


Taylor Marvin
Taylor double majored in economics and international studies. He is passionate about working with Prospect, where he edited the blog and had work referenced by The New York TimesThe Daily BeastThe American Conservative, the Center for American Progress’ Think Progress, and Forbes. You can follow Taylor on Twitter.


Alexsandra Alexsandra McMahan
Alexsandra joined Prospect to become more active in the international discourse on economics and their relation to political power. As CEO, she focused on providing a wider community with access to the journal and building the vision of undergraduate collaboration that was shared by this Journal’s Founders. Alexsandra believes in Prospect as a medium to help educate and encourage individuals about the world around them and hopes that UC San Diego students will embrace this endeavor. During her time with Prospect, Alexsandra worked towards marketing efficacy, organization structure and worldwide PROSPECT distribution while maintaining Prospect’s vision as a critical journal with relevant content on international affairs. You can follow Alexsandra on Twitter and frequently find her hanging out in San Diego area coffee shops.


Niki Moshiri
Niki is a senior with an International Studies major and Human Rights minor. She is particularly interested in international development and Middle Eastern affairs. With a desire to broaden her understanding of international matters, she joined PROSPECT, where she has had the opportunity to work and learn alongside a globally-minded group of fellow students and citizens. Apart from her studies, Niki enjoys envisioning a future of extensive travel, languages, culture, and endless curiosity.


Naomi PictureNaomi Pike
Naomi Pike has been interested in international issues all of her life. Born to parents with a love of travel, she has experienced other cultures and societies from an early age. Throughout this travel, she had the opportunity to see five continents and over twenty countries, often spending prolonged periods of time living with extended family. After finishing high school, she chose UCSD to further this interest through their Political Science and International Studies departments. Naomi has a specific interest in the Middle East, and she seeks a thorough understanding of its history and society to better understand the complexities of current issues. When not pursuing academic endeavors, she enjoys exploring new restaurants and playing music.


Josh Sullivan
Josh is a Aerospace Engineering student at UCSD. Seeing Prospect as an excellent medium for academic and social discourse, he joined the team with the hopes of expanding its horizons into new and diversified content, including Science and Engineering. Outside of academics, Josh enjoys writing and playing music, learning new languages and any type of outdoor sports.


Hanna Rahimi
Hanna Rahimi joined PROSPECT as a Senior Editor during her senior year at the University of California San Diego and was thrilled to find such an exciting group of educated and enthusiastic students. Working with the executives and writers at PROSPECT was not only a great opportunity to practice journalism style editing, but also helped further develop her love of travel, international affairs and the pursuit of exposing students to newsworthy events. Hanna graduated from UCSD in August of 2011 with a B.A. in English and Spanish Composite Literature and is currently working as a writer, tutor, and teaching assistant.


Megha Ram
Megha joined Prospect to better understand the political, economic, and cultural forces shaping our world today. Currently a fourth year student at UCSD, Megha is working towards an International Studies-Economics major and a Middle East Studies minor. She recently studied abroad in Turkey for five months where her passion for travel and cross-cultural dialogue intensified. She hopes to learn more about international human rights law and transnational advocacy networks.


tanya Tanya Sukkari Tanya joined PROSPECT to help spread awareness of international affairs at UCSD. With an international background of growing up abroad with parents who loved traveling, experiencing new cultures and places has become her passion. Tanya is pursuing a degree in International Relations and Economics and hopes to work in an international setting, saving the world, in the future. She enjoys adventuring, Disneyland, watching movies, and going to concerts.


Thomas Wilson
Thomas was a Management Science major at UCSD. Since high school, Thomas has been passionate about current international events related to politics, economics, and high finance. In order to nurture this interest, Thomas joined Prospect as a member of the finance team to support the journal’s mission of encouraging intelligent discourse on international affairs. After graduating, Thomas plans to enter the field of finance as an Investment Banker, focusing on the defense and aerospace sector.


prospect photo (1)Nolan Weber
Nolan majored in International Relations and European History. Having his intellectual curiosities piqued by the 2008 financial crisis, Nolan seeks to study International Political Economy and Political Behavior in graduate school. He loves writing, reading and researching. He conducted a study on how to more effectively register and turnout college youths in elections. When not studying or working, he is usually playing guitar, watching a baseball game or riding his motorcycle.


Marianne Zape
Marianne is a fourth year International Studies major and Education Studies minor. She is interested in the intersection of education and international development, particularly in Africa. As a proud Canadian who grew up surrounded by a multitude of perspectives and rich narratives, she joined PROSPECT to learn from other people’s views of the world and to contribute her own. Apart from her work and studies, Marianne also enjoys foreign television and film, learning languages, and people-watching at the farmers’ market.

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