UCSD Event: Is Populism Reshaping Social Protection in Latin America?

As more right-wing populist leaders appear throughout Latin America, Brazilian economist Tiago Falcão gave a presentation at the Institute of the Americas to speak on how this new phenomenon will influence government social spending programs. 

by Rebeca Camacho
Managing Editor

With the rise of populist leaders all throughout the world, scrutiny of social welfare programs reclaimed attention in the political sphere. On Wednesday, January 29, 2020 the University of California, San Diego’s School of Global Policy and Strategy and Center on Global Transformation hosted Pacific Leadership Fellow and Brazilian economist Tiago Falcão, who gave a presentation on the resurgence of populism and its implications on social welfare programs in Latin America. The event took place in the Malamud Room, located in the Institute of the Americas where many scholars, researchers, and industry experts meet to evaluate developments in the region.

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AI: Changing the Tides of Water Sustainability

By Tanvi Bajaj
Staff Writer

In 2015, Senator James Inhofe confidently stepped onto the Senate floor, carrying a snowball. He then explained how global warming (and, in effect, climate change) could simply not exist since it was cold enough outside for the snowball he was holding in his hand to form.  

While laughable, Senator Inhofe’s argument is indicative of the centuries of neglect the environment has suffered at human hands. 

Today, sea levels are rising, glaciers are melting, forests are burning, and animals are dying. 

It’s clear that something needs to change. 

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How Finland is Eradicating Homelessness

by Jasmine Moheb
Staff Writer

While many of us have the freedom and fortune to say “there’s no place like home” and click our heels three times— or tap “Request Lyft” to order our horse— drawn carriage at the stroke of midnight the concept of “home,” to many others, remain a fairytale. Just last year, an upward trend of homelessness rates in the U.S. saw as many as 552,830 individuals experiencing homelessness in one night. Regardless of the fact that L.A. city alone experienced an increase in homelessness of 16 percent over the past year, the fundamental human need for shelter has become more of a passing thought rather than a focal point of American policy. 

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