Russian Navy Whales: Marine Mammal Service in the World’s Navies

by Cade Keating-Hudson
Staff Writer

A beluga whale suspected of spying for the Russian Navy has made headlines around the world. The whale appeared in Norwegian national waters and approached a fishing vessel where the sailors discovered a camera which later appeared to be Russian Navy espionage equipment. This purported criminal activity serves as a reminder that many marine mammals are enlisted in militaries worldwide to serve in a variety of roles. 

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How Finland is Eradicating Homelessness

by Jasmine Moheb
Staff Writer

While many of us have the freedom and fortune to say “there’s no place like home” and click our heels three times— or tap “Request Lyft” to order our horse— drawn carriage at the stroke of midnight the concept of “home,” to many others, remain a fairytale. Just last year, an upward trend of homelessness rates in the U.S. saw as many as 552,830 individuals experiencing homelessness in one night. Regardless of the fact that L.A. city alone experienced an increase in homelessness of 16 percent over the past year, the fundamental human need for shelter has become more of a passing thought rather than a focal point of American policy. 

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by Will Colin-Diamond
Staff Writer

UPDATE: On May 6th, the High Election Council announced that it had annulled the results of the Istanbul municipal election following an “extraordinary objection” by the AKP, and scheduled a special election for June 23rd. This development casts serious doubt on the independence of the election authorities, up to this point considered the only bulwark against absolute dictatorship.